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01.What is Chatter Paint?
Chatter Paint is a DIY splatter paint studio! It’s the intersection of art and recreation. Play with paint like you’ve never done before, where there are no rules (except safety ones), no boundaries, and no expectations. Each participant purchases a package, which comes with a canvas, paint, painting tools, and access to the Chaos Area. Then after that, you have total creative freedom.
02.What should I expect?
Fun! To assist you in that process, we provide space, paint, canvases, painting tools, and protective gear. The protective gear is there to minimize the amount of paint that gets on your clothes. While the paint is safe and water based, we highly recommend wearing clothes you don’t care too much about and bringing towels to sit on/lean against in the car. Chatter Paint is not responsible for paint stains of any kind. Some have been able to wash the paint off completely, while others have experienced slight stains.
03.Should I book an appointment?
We recommend booking appointments as we prioritize appointments over walk-ins. If someone books a black light session, the black lights will be on. Conversely, if someone books an original splatter paint session, then the regular lights will be turned on. Booking an appointment does not guarantee the whole room to your party and others may be in the painting area. For exclusive use of the space, please look at our party packages.
04.Can I book parties at Chatter Paint?
Yes! We have a party package that includes 120 minutes of exclusive use, tables, chairs, and clean up as well. This is perfect for birthday parties or any other type of celebrations. The base price includes 5 individuals, with an extra cost per additional person. For help with any questions, please check out our menu page or email us at [email protected]!
05.Can I book appointments outside of business hours?
Absolutely! We can host birthdays, holiday parties, showers, corporate events, or casual gatherings! If you book an appointment outside of business hours (minimum 6 people), there is a $15 booking fee. Please email [email protected] for inquiries. Please include how many people are in the group and for what time. Thank you!
06.How long will it take the canvas to dry?
Depending on how much paint gets thrown on, it can take between 12 to 24 hours. We recommend coming back to pick them up after a day or two. We also have take home boxes for an extra $3. We will keep all canvases for up to 4 weeks before they are donated or recycled.
07.Can I bring other things or my own canvases to paint?
Yes! Each person painting will need to purchase a package, but after that you can bring in objects or canvases to paint. We also sometimes host open paint days, where you can bring whatever object you’d like to paint and just pay for the paint!
08.What kind of paint is used?
We use high quality, child-safe, water based tempera paint made here in the USA. It does not have any unpleasant chemical odors, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and meets international safety standards.
09.Where are the waiver forms?
Each adult over the age of 18 needs to fill out their own liability waivers located here at this link. Minors under the age of 18 can be put on another adult’s liability waiver. Please ensure these forms are filled out prior to coming.
10.Is there a time limit?
While each appointment is on the books for an hour, there is no hard time limit unless there’s another appointment after yours for a different style of light or a party package. So enjoy! 🙂
11.What types of payment are accepted?
We accept all major debit cards and credit cards. We do not accept cash or check at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience.
12.What are the allowed age ranges?
We allow anyone within the ages of 2 to 99 to participate! And we’ll make exceptions for anyone outside of those ranges. We want Chatter Paint to be a place for people of all ages.
13.Prefiere ser atendido por nuestro empleado bilingue?
Si desea o prefiere ser atendido en español, contáctenos vía correo electrónico al- [email protected]. Por su preferencia, gracias.

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